Follador Prosecco


Project Overview

Follador Prosecco, a prestigious Italian winery, sought to revamp its online presence and e-commerce platform to better reflect its brand and streamline the purchasing process. Turning to StoryX, Follador Prosecco embarked on a journey to enhance its digital footprint.

StoryX meticulously crafted a visually stunning website that encapsulated the essence of Follador Prosecco's brand while prioritising user experience. Leveraging elegant design elements and intuitive navigation, the new website captivates visitors and seamlessly guided them through the product offerings. Additionally, StoryX integrated a robust e-commerce platform, empowering Follador Prosecco to showcase its wines effectively and facilitate secure online transactions.

screenshots of follador prosecco website

Project Goals


Enhance Follador Prosecco's brand image and credibility through a visually captivating website design.


Implement robust e-commerce functionalities to drive online sales and streamline the purchasing process for customers.


Improve search engine visibility and attract organic traffic through effective SEO strategies.


Ensure the website's performance and compatibility across various devices and browsers for a seamless user experience.