Doing Our Bit

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About Doing Our Bit

In the world of healthcare, the well-being of NHS and social care employees is paramount. The "Doing Our Bit" platform has emerged as a beacon of light, placing prevention at the forefront by championing the health and wellness of these invaluable individuals. By seamlessly blending best-in-class technology with a compassionate and meticulously curated content strategy, this multi award-winning platform has become a transformative force.

"Doing Our Bit" is not just another resource; it's a 24-7, free-to-participate, one-stop shop for fitness, health, and wellness. In this case study, we delve into the remarkable journey of how this platform is revolutionizing healthcare, redefining support systems, and ultimately contributing to the well-being of the healthcare sector's most precious commodity: its dedicated and hardworking employees..

Project Goals


Become the largest free wellbeing platform for frontline worker in the world


Build a community of wellbeing professionals


Use the power of preventative medicine