Nila Recruitment


Project Overview

Nila Recruitment, a Reading-based startup committed to sustainability, partnered with StoryX, sharing a common vision for integrating sustainable practices into business solutions. Together, we embarked on a project to establish Nila Recruitment's online presence, emphasizing its competitive fee structure and dedication to supporting sustainable causes.

StoryX crafted a visually appealing website that not only highlighted Nila Recruitment's recruitment services but also emphasized its commitment to sustainability. By integrating sustainable web design practices and clear communication of its unique value proposition, the website effectively engages visitors and encourages them to explore Nila Recruitment's offerings further.

screenshots of Nila website

Project Goals


Establish a compelling online presence for Nila Recruitment, reflecting its unique value proposition of offering competitive recruitment fees while contributing to sustainable causes.


Create a user-friendly website that effectively communicates Nila Recruitment's services and values, fostering engagement and trust with potential clients and candidates.


Develop an integrated e-commerce platform that enables seamless transactions for clients interested in availing Nila Recruitment's recruitment services.


Implement sustainable web design practices and showcase Nila Recruitment's commitment to sustainability throughout the website, aligning with both the company's ethos and StoryX's values.